All you need to know

What kind of tour should I expect?

Bike Tour Asia is an official partner of BMW Motorrad and a professional tour operator that cares about details and gives you all the peace of mind you look for. Our guided tours are structured as guided group tours with a Road Captain (Guide on motorcycle), licensed tour guide and driver / mechanic. A support van will follow and take care of luggage etc. The BMW 700, 800 and 1200GS motorcycles used for the tours are specially chosen for the riding conditions in Thailand and South East Asia. The tours follow predefined proven routes, our tours last 1 to 23 days depending on the itinerary and the period of the year. For more information please see detailed tour itinerary's and tour calendar.

Our tours are designed to cover an average 250 km daily using good scenic roads with moderate traffic. This sounds short, trust us, its always a full day on the motorcycle, endless curves, scenic stops and mountain riding takes time. Some days are a bit longer, some days a bit shorter. While on the tour, it’s not only about riding. But also enjoying the breathtaking landscapes and experience the historical heritage, food and the people of the region.

How do I book the tour?

Booking process in order to join one of the Bike Tour Asia tours is easy. You book your trip through Bike Tour Asia’s website at REQUESTA TOUR,or simply send us an mail to Your place on the tour will only be confirmed upon receipt of the application form - duly filled out, confirmed availability by us and followed by your prepayment as stated in the booking. Verbal contracts or telephone conversations are not considered a guarantee of your booking. Once your booking has been confirmed, you have accepted the terms and conditions set out by Bike Tour Asia.

How do I pay for the tour?

Once you have booked your tour, the following terms of payment apply:

  • A deposit of USD 1'000 per rider and USD 1'500 per couple are payable upon booking of tours longer than 2 days. Payment for 1 and 2 day tours upon booking.
  • The balance must be paid in full at least 60 days before departure. Late payment means that your booking might be cancelled according to our cancellation policy.
  • For bookings made within 60 days of departure, the full amount should be paid upon booking.

You can pay through bank transfer direct to our account or through your credit card (Mastercard / Visa). For payment through credit cards, a 4% surcharge is applicable.

Cancellation of the tour

It may happen that a tour is cancelled. It may be cancelled by Bike Tour Asia - for example - if there are not enough participants to make the tour viable or due to other duly filled out causes. Or, it can be the guests cancelling his own booking. What happens then? Tour cancelled by Bike Tour Asia, in this case, Bike Tour Asia will make every effort to offer the guests an alternative departure date. If a convenient date for the guests cannot be found, Bike Tour Asia will repay the full amount as per our cancellation policy. For further details, please see the Tour / Travel Terms and Conditions, paragraph 7, but will not offer any additional forms of compensation.

Travel insurance / Motorcycle damage & loss coverage

​A personal traveling insurance is highly recommended to obtain from your home country with coverage of driving or being a passenger on a motorcycle of 700 cc or more (not in competition). We recommend you to take your own travel insurance including medical and personal liability, covering motorcycle riding from your home country.
This means participants carry their own risk of any need of coverage regards the above mentioned topics and other related personal incidents, and Bike Tour Asia has no liability whatsoever.

Motorcycle damage & loss coverage

​Bike Tour Asia's motorcycles comes with the following;

In Thailand: included for guided tours is a travel accident insurance and a motorcycle damage and loss coverage with a deductible up to the security deposit. Please see respective tour program for more details. Security deposit is deposited upon motorcycle hand over through credit card in-print (Mastercard / Visa) or with cash deposit. Full amount is reimbursed after the tour (if no damage occurred). In case of damage or loss, the amount deductible to be based upon BMW list price for parts needed to be replaced upon evaluating the damage of the motorcycle. Kindly note that the motorcycle damage coverage is only valid in Thailandand no waiver premium required.

For the days riding outside of Thailand Bike Tour Asia offers an optional daily damage & loss waiver for the motorcycle, based on below listed daily waiver premiums, which will limit the maximum deductible amount up to the level of the security deposit in case of damage or loss to the motorcycle while riding outside Thailand.

All amounts in USD

Motorcycle type

Security deposit

Daily waiver premium / outside Thailand

F700 GS USD 1,500.- USD 30.-
F800 GS USD 1,700.- USD 40.-
R1200 GS USD 2,500.- USD 60.-

Without purchasing the optional waiver, your security deposit amount must be equal to the full value of the motorcycle.

For more details please contact us:

Original documents required for the tour?

Passport and Visa

Passport must have a validity period of more than 6 months when entering Thailand, Laos, China, Cambodia and Myanmar. Please check with your local travel agent or airline office for the visa requirements.

For more information including which nationals receives visa upon arrival to Thailand, please see below link to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Thailand.

Link to Thailand visa information, Ministry of Foreign affairs

Driver license

Non ASEAN driving licence holders who wish to drive vehicles in Thailand and other ASEAN member countries must hold a valid Driving License from their home country and an International Driving License for the required category in question. The International Driving License must be used in conjunction with the driver's passport and driving license from their home country.

Holders of a Driving License issued by an ASEAN country, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam does not need an International Driving License when driving in Thailand and within the other ASEAN member countries.

What to bring (suggestions)

Essential Personal items

It is well known that there are very strict limits on the size of liquid containers that can be taken on flights. To avoid any problems, the best thing is to think carefully about what personal care products you really need. You can always easily buy things upon arrival.

  • Helmet (if you don't prefer your own, we can assist you in buying or renting it here)
  • High-factor sun cream to protect face, neck and arms
  • Sunglasses
  • Adapter for Thai sockets
  • Camera and spare memory card
  • Proper Riding Gear
  • Rain Gear


The cold season in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar runs from November to March and requires you to bring some warm clothes.

The hot season runs from April to October, therefore light comfortable summer-wear is sufficient with a spare sweater.

Tours to China and Tibet runs partly on very high altitude, meaning temperature can reach freezing point during nights.

Because our travel program is casual, we suggest you bring casual wear for casual use.

In addition to above mentioned we recommend you bring your proper riding gear regardless of season, inclusive helmet.

Motorbike luggage

The bikes used for the Bike Tour Asia tours all have panniers and top box for your safety, comfort and belongings you may need during the day The rest of your luggage is carried by the van and waiting in your room each day upon arrival to the hotel. Please note that each guest is limited to one piece of luggage. In addition to this, you can leave what you do not need during the tour at our service center in Chiang Mai, your hotel or other departure point.

Riders on the road.

The behavior we expect from the rider

  • Complying with the Highway Code of the visiting country is the most important rule to be followed during the tours organized by Bike Tour Asia. Every participant must respect speed limits and safety rules and he/she will be solely responsible for his/her motorcycle. As participants travel in a group, each one should be very careful not to endanger the safety of the other participants with his/her behavior. If these basic rules are not respected, the participant will be held solely responsible of any damage caused or any fines given and in extreme cases refused to continue the tour.

The helmet

Wearing a helmet is ALWAYS mandatory for people riding a motorcycle. So, never forget to put on your helmet. We advice you to bring your own helmet. Helmet, you can also buy or rent from us prior to tour starts.

Groups and guides


Bike Tour Asia groups never consists of more than 15 guest motorcycles. This size ensures personalized customer care, logistic efficiency at all times, even on the road, and gives every customer the opportunity to get to know the guide and the other guests. This helps build genuine team spirit based on participation, conviviality and empathy that adds to the quality of this unique, unforgettable experience. For safety reasons, guests are requested to complete the entire planned route with the rest of the group. Once the group has reached the hotel at the end of the day’s riding, everyone is free to do what you like on your own or stay with the group and join the planned activities.


Bike Tour Asia works with TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) licensed Thai tour guides who are overall responsible for the tour when riding in Thailand. Beyond Thailand we use licensed tour guides in respective country we ride in. All tours have experienced Road Captains who are motorcycle enthusiasts, as well as specialists of organized tours in the area. Bike Tour Asia tours are staffed by a Road Captain on a motorcycle riding in front of the group and a licensed tour guide in the support van that accompanies the group. All Bike Tour Asia staff's are experienced professionals and their task is to secure safety and follow the tour schedule as far as possible. But at the same time allow for possible changes that may be necessary or advisable based on the current conditions, indicate the start and end time of each stage of the journey and ‘set the pace’ of the tour, etc.

Support van

All tours with Bike Tour Asia include a support van driven by a mechanic staff member accompanied by the tour guide. The van is carrying luggage, drinks and eventual passengers accompanying the tour. Luggage handling is taken care of by the support van staff, meaning your luggage will wait in your room upon arrival at the hotel and will be loaded into the support van in the morning. Please note that due to limited space you can only bring ONE piece of luggage.

On the road.

The tour stages

Although the daily schedule may also be challenging and the distances covered sometimes long, the tours organized by Bike Tour Asia feature a well-balanced mix of hours spent on the motorcycle and hours of rest, with sufficient breaks in between. The distances covered daily may vary and are generally between 150 and 330 km to allow the group to visit places of interest but also to have appropriate breaks. The roads selected are normally wide and in good condition with moderate traffic.


The hotels and resorts selected by Bike Tour Asia are all tested and of good comfort and quality, cleanliness and proper hygiene are of greatest importance during tours, each guest (single or couple) has his/her own en-suite room.

What to eat when on the road

When on tour, we stop at quality secured local restaurants where you can enjoy the wonderful local cuisine mixed with some western dishes whenever possible. Sometimes, picnic will be arranged by the support van staff at scenic locations. Dinner will be arranged at the place we stay or/at a nearby restaurant. Food on offer is the best dishes the area has to offer. Vegetarian food can be arranged upon request prior to booking.

The Weather on the road.

Weather in this part of the world is normally hot. (The hot season runs typically from April to October and sporadic showers may take place.) The cold season is from November until March, once in the northern mountains it is very pleasant during the day and can be a bit cold during evenings and early mornings (+10 Celsius). As soon as the sun comes up it quickly passes +20 Celsius.

The heat is not a problem as long as you are in normal good health and you drink a lot of water. All the water you want is available in the support van during the day. Water is the best remedy against heat and sun exposure.

Link to seasonal weather chart in Thailand.