Why choose Bike Tour Asia?

Bike Tour Asia is the unique motorcycle tour operator in Thailand and an Official Partner of BMW Motorrad. All our motorcycles have damage/coverage, as well as being a TAT licensed tour operator. We have an extended coverage in place. Our tour standard is among the highest in the industry. All of our tours are planned with priority on safety aspects and led by experienced, well trained Tour Guides and Road Captains, who enjoy their job.

What is Bike Tour Asia’s commitment to service?

At Bike Tour Asia, providing great service is without question, but it is service that exceeds our guest’s expectations that we strive for. We train employees on a regular basis to achieve exemplary performance in the care of our guests. We constantly improve and develop our service offer to our guests based on feedback we receive.

What is a guided tour?

A Guided Tour is where your Road Captain is the #1 rider in your group and leads the pack along the route with the support van following as the last vehicle of the entire group. Both tour guide and Road Captain are in constant contact with each other. If you prefer to go on your own, feel free to do, just let your road captain know before you take off.

What is a self guided tour?

You choose the length and timing of your vacation that will best suit you in terms of the number of riding days, rest days, daily distance and things you would like to see or do. Choose among our wide range of carefully selected quality hotels and resorts with leisure facilities. The choice is all yours. Pick one of our tour itineraries for Thailand (see “Self Guided Tours”) and follow the route or let us design your personal itinerary - taking all your wishes into account.

What is included in the tour price?

Nearly everything is included in the guided tour price. This includes the rental motorcycle and overnight stops, all meals, cost of petrol etc, please see the tour package content for more details, click on "what is included in tour price" , entry costs and national park fees plus many other amenities. We do not have any hidden costs.

Is it possible to book additional activates in connection with the tours?

Thailand in general has many additional activities to offer. Examples are golf, trekking, rafting, wine tasting, horse riding, spa’s, excursion to National Parks, beach holidays, etc. We are happy to support you with additional activities through our inbound associates.

Can I bring my partner or a family member with me?

Our motorcycles are equipped for comfort of pillion riders. Besides this our support van can take a few passengers through out the whole tour (upon prior request) or just some parts of it if a pillion feels for some hours of maybe more relaxed seating.

We are a group of friends and would like to travel together and go on a customized Guided Tour. Is this possible?

Yes, we are more than happy to organize a Guided or Self Guided customized tour for you and your group and design it just as you want. A typical minimum group size is 5 riders to enjoy our standard full package prices. If you are less or more riders, no problem, just contact us for a quotation.

Does Bike Tour Asia run their own tours?

Bike Tour Asia only run its own tours. In this way, we secure that our offer is always on the highest safety and quality level.

How many support staffs are assigned to each tour?

Our tours are always accompanied with one experienced tour guide who is following in the support van. Function of support van is also transportation of guest luggage, water etc. The motorcycle group is led by an experienced Road Captain on a motorcycle.

Does the guest have to follow the Road Captain?

You are on vacation, you pick your own pace, if you choose to ride on your own just inform your road captain before you take off.

Which language does the staff assigned to the tour speak?

Our tour guides and Road Captains are all bilingual. Besides Thai and English some of us speaks German, Scandinavian, Slovenian etc. Upon request we can provide tour guides speaking other languages. When we have a group from a specific country, we will, upon request, secure that one of our staff speaks that language.

Does every tour include an experienced tour guide?

Yes, all our assigned tour guides are employed or contracted by us and therefore have a wide experience.

What kind of motorcycle experience do I need to participate in a Bike Tour Asia tour?

Bike Tour Asia tours are designed for all kinds of big motorcycle riders. A minimum of 10’000 km of big motorcycle (500cc up) experience is required. We suggest that you take a close look at each tour itinerary and daily hours of riding to pick the right tour for you. If you are still not sure, please send us an e-mail or give us a call and our staff will advise you.

How long do we ride each day?

Our itineraries are designed to start out between 8 - 9 am and arrive at our hotel for the night no later than 5 pm. During the ride we stop frequently for breaks. On average we cover 250 km daily and stop each hour looking at either an historical site, national park or simply a break. Exact details about the time spent riding and the type of terrain that is to be covered you will find in the tour details.

What kind of information is provided prior the tour starts?

Each guest is provided with a detailed tour booklet, prior the tour starts, which contains all necessary information regarding the tour (itinerary, safety riding tips, maps etc.) Prior to the tour starts, we will go through the whole itinerary. Each morning in connection with breakfast, a short briefing of the riding day ahead is given.

How does Bike Tour Asia determine the group size prior to each tour?

Our policy is simple, we strive to offer best possible individual guest service and a safe riding environment. Therefore our groups are relatively small and kept to a maximum of 15 guest motorcycles plus pillions. The average on our tours are up to 10 guests including riders and pillions. Many of our guests prefer groups of this size, where diversity of age, motorcycle experience and interests ignites instant friendship.

What is the accommodation and food quality provided?

Bike Tour Asia always provides accommodation at carefully selected quality hotels and resorts with leisure facilities. In addition we select restaurants serving cuisine that reflects the character of the area in which we travel. South East Asia has plenty to offer in this area. We also strive to cater for our guests preferring vegetarian or western food.

Alcohol during the tour.

Alcoholic drinks may only be enjoyed after the tour has ended for the day and the motorcycle has been safely parked for the night at the hotel. Intoxicated guests will be refused to ride their motorcycle.

What is a rest day?

Our concept of a rest day is that we stay at the same hotel for 2 nights, you have a full day to relax if you like. Of course, we will offer you options on the rest day, you can explore the area with your tour guide, just explore the area on your own or join a relaxing 2-3 hours group ride in the neighborhood if you would like more riding.

Can I bring my own motorcycle?

At Bike Tour Asia we normally use our own licensed BMW motorcycles. In this way, we secure our company policy standards. But you can also bring your own motorbike. The tour price can be request.

Does the guest need to transport their own luggage on the motorcycle?

On all Bike Tour Asia guided tours, there is a support vehicle which transports the luggage with a maximum of one medium sized soft bag per guest. All our motorcycles have luggage systems for small items such as rain gear and photo/ video equipment etc. Any additional luggage can be stored at our service center or other point of departure.

Is there a minimum / maximum age on the tours?

We have no maximum age limit. Minimum age limit for riders is 25 years old. Bike Tour Asia passengers should be not less than 15 years of age.

What is the age of the motorcycles and how are they maintained?

Bike Tour Asia policy is to use our own BMW GS motorcycles which are regularly serviced by the authorized BMW dealers as well as checked by our own mechanic prior to every tour starts. Therefore our fleet of motorcycles are always in good condition.

Under what conditions will Bike Tour Asia cancel a tour?

Besides force majeure, we take the liberty to cancel a tour if there are insufficient bookings 42 days prior to tour starts. Guest paid for the tour will be offered alternative tour dates or a 100% refund of any amount paid.

How does Bike Tour Asia research it’s routes?

Our staffs know the roads and sites of the region very well. We spend months of office research, then we make scouting tours before launching a new tour itinerary. Many people are involved at various stages during the time it takes to fully research a new destination.