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Bike Tour Asia at MOA in Tennessee

For the first time Bike Tour Asia was one of the exhibitors at the BMW MOA National Rally in Tennessee / USA, 13-15 June 2019. Daniel and Po joined an amazing event and met many motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the world. Our BTA booth and seminars attracted countless visitors who were keen to learn why riding in Southeast Asia is amidst the best in the world. Thank you to all who stopped by.

Prior to the Rally we explored the highlights in the area. We rode the "Tail of the Dragon" in the Smokey Mountains together with our former clients and now friends from Canada, Bill, Randy and Wayne. Thank's guys for making this such a great time.

We also visited the Barber Motorsports Museum - the world’s largest of it's kind and we explored the famous Jack Daniel's distillery. Cheers.

To complete our stay in the US we spent a couple of nights enjoying the live music in Nashville. See you next year at the MOA National Rally in Montana / USA.

Daniel and Po.



1.) Clear and fresh
Most of the rain falls in the late afternoon and during the night time and the mornings are often clear. The fresh air is nice and makes riding even more pleasant.

2.) Nice temperature
The temperature during the day is ideal – it is not too hot when the sun is out and it is not too cold either. Short refreshing rain showers from time to time make the weather much more comfortable.

3.) The Road is yours
Even we prefer less travelled roads - in the green season the roads are literally yours and makes riding more joyful.

4.) Hassle free visits
It is not crowded. For restaurants and cafés you do not have to book a table in advance. Enjoy the quieter atmosphere. Most of the temples or other sights will be rather empty at this time of year.

5.) Green “Mother Nature”
The nature will completely change. The combination of sun and rain is perfect for wild flowers and other varieties of flora to grow. You will see green idyllic rice paddies, wonderful blooming plants and flowering trees everywhere.

6.) Great pictures
The green season often offers sharper views, fantastic cloud formations and spectacular sunsets with saturated colors. Great conditions to take brilliant pictures.

7.) Meet the locals
While people throughout Thailand are very friendly, we find that they are even friendlier during the green season! If the local Thai people are smiling, then you should smile too!

8.) Spectacular waterfalls and rivers
Don't miss to visit the waterfalls and rivers at this time of the year. They are fuller and much more impressive!

9.) A great reason for a second visit!
Most first time visitors travel to Asia during the high season. But it will offer a different look and feel during the green season. It's the perfect time to return and explore new areas...

10.) Good Deals
Many of the luxurious resorts offer great deals, so it's a good chance to pamper yourself in one of our selected hotels.

So, come on over from the busy nearby metropolises and #MakeLifeaRide for a few days.

“3 Countries – 1 Million Impressions"

What a fantastic ride !

We were a group of 6 motorcycles, riding through parts of north Thailand, Laos and finally Vietnam. The roads were a mix of mostly rural two lanes with a variety of surfaces al paved. This time of the year is spectacular, its just after the end of the green season, nature has beautiful colors, rice is being harvested, meaning most farmers are out on their rice fields with their buffalos.

We started riding in the eastern direction towards Chiang Rai and Chiang Khong where we meet the Mekong River for the first time. Crossing the border into Laos and rode towards Oudom Xai. Already during our third day of riding we cross into Vietnam and visit the battle ground at Dien Bien Phu. Heading north towards the Chinese border and the Phan Xia Pang, 3143 meters, Vietnam’s and South East Asia highest mountain.

Rest day in the pleasant and picturesque resort town of Sapa before continuing to the rice terraces at Nghia Lo. Boat ride along the Limestone caves at Ninh Binh. Enjoying riding on the Ho Chi Minh Trail to Phu Mat.

Once back in Laos we visit the Plain of Jarsand continue to Luang Prabang, UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Crossing the mountains on yet another road less travelled to Pakbeng before returning to Thailand. Riding fewer known mountains surrounding the province of Nan, which for centuries remained autonomous and cut off from the outside world. In every region during the tour we feasted on local Thai / Lao/ Vietnamese cuisine.

Truly 3 countries and 1 million impressions!

At a Glance

NEAREST INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT: Chiang Mai International Airport
DURATION: 15 Days / 13 Riding Days
ROUTE: Total distance: approximately 3,300 km / 2,050 miles
ROUTE: Daily distance: 220 km (137 miles) to 310 km (193 miles)
ACCOMMODATIONS: Carefully selected hotels and resorts with leisure facilities
REST DAYS: Sapa (Vietnam)
HIGHLIGHTS: Mekong River, Mountains of north Laos, Battle ground Dien Bien Phu, Mountains surrounding Sapa, Rice terraces at Nghia Lo, Limestone caves at Ninh Binh, Plain of Jars, Luang Prabang (World Heritage), Mountains in Nan province

Next tour leaves October 2019.

Want to know more? Please contact us:

Scouting along the Vietnam/Chinese border (Bac Ha to Ba Be Lakes)

Most tours exploring Northern Vietnam stay in the north west part like Dien Bien Phu (famous for it’s battle ground where the French finally "lost" Indochina), Sapa, (a charming mountain town) and Nghia Lo (famous for it's rice terraces).

We decided to do something different and to ride roads less traveled. Our adventure in Vietnam started on the way to the market town of Bac Ha. Trusting Google Maps we "ended up" on a buffalo track across the mountains. A stretch of 40 km took us four hours to cover. Hence we learned it the hard way to better stay on roads which are marked on the physical maps…..

From Bac Ha our adventure continued over the mountains along the border with China. Covering endless hill tribe villages, spectacular scenery and plenty of corners and twists. The ride to Ha Giang took a full day.

The next day, a scenic highlight of our journey was ahead of us. The road "snaking" over mountains and through villages and valleys. The scenery is truly not to describe. It feels like you want to stop every second km to take a photo. Especially the last stretch to Meo Vac was outstanding.

From Meo Vac we continued on more curvy mountain roads to the Ba Be Lake. Another full day of riding and full of impressions and enjoyments. At the lake we loaded the motorcycles on a boat and explored the lake for a couple of hours.

Compared to the rides we normally do in South East Asia, Northeast Vietnam is very different. The landscape is more dramatic, the area is less developed and the roads are less travelled. Hence not too many tourists make it to this part. The riding is technically more demanding, the accommodation is more basic and so is the food. All in all this makes the experience rewarding, a journey of a life time.

Getting energized riding in Vietnam? Join us in October 2018 from Chiang Mai to north west Vietnam via Laos, for more information see;

"Tough training at the BMW Tour Guide Academy"

A rainy cold Friday morning in September I met my 10 class mates in a hotel in Munich. It was the first day of the BMW International Tourguide Academy.
After a brief introduction and signing waivers that we ride on our own risk we picked up our motorcycles at BMW Munich off we went (my choice was a R1200RS).

We were heading towards Austria on the autobahn in pouring rain. I was not really used to the typical cold and grey European autumn weather after living in Asia for so many years but who cared ? I was on a mission. And I couldn't wait to start.

During the entire week we stayed at a lovely resort up in the mountains in Austria. I felt like being back at school but the challenge felt really positive. I was thrilled. Nothing feels better than following your passion and even make your living out of it.

I had no idea what to expect but I heard many stories that this course will not be a "picnic". How true! The week was going to be one of the most intense week I could imagine. The program was well structured but tough. A full week of practicing leading groups, theory lessons, practical first aid and mechanical exercises.

Even with my experience of organising and guiding many groups over the past decades, I have learned so many new things and it is priceless to share the experiences and stories with the like minded participants from diverse motorcycle touring companies all over the World.

One week of learning, sweating with little sleep is over and after I finally passed the exams I received my certificte. With this certificate Bike Tour Asia is now also an official Partner of the "BMW Motorrad" community.
By following the BMW Motorrad touring concept and all the experiences we will make our customer offer even better.

Daniel Senicar



Here comes our personal hit-list of the best asphalt roads and the respective tour:

1.) R1093 – Phu Chi Fah to Phu Saeng Waterfall
You will share the road probably with only a handful other vehicles. This is a ride along the border to Laos in a fantastic terrain, through forests and stunning scenery! This road is included in our following tour:
Self Guided:

2.) R1081 (from 1169) - from Nan to Bo Kluea
Little traffic, great winding roads, beautiful scenery. One of the top overall roads in Thaland.
This road is included in our following tours:
Self Guided:
3.) R1026 - towards the Sirikit Lake
As closer you drive towards the Sirikit Lake as better it gets. It is a remote area to the Lam Nam Na N.P. - almost no traffic at all and a great "wild" landscape. When the road meets Nan River you need to take a pontoon (a small ferry) to get to the other side of the river. Adventure! This road is included in our following tour:
Self Guided:

4.) R1148 - Phu Lanka to Wang Pha
Brilliant sweeping road for a little faster ride. 70 km of pure pleasure.
This road is included in our following tours:
Self Guided:

5.) R1095 - the "Famous Road of 1,864 corners"
The ride from Mae Hong Son to Pai and onwards to Mae Malai is a "must do" which is included in most of our multiple day itineraries. Many twists, bends, corners, curves - you name it. Good tarmac roads for almost the entire stretch of approx. 150 km of corners. This road is included in our following tours:
Self Guided:

6.) R1340 - Arunothai - Doi Angkhang
Fabulous scenery and rock formations, “dramatic” landscape. Wonderful.
This road is included in our following tours:
Self Guided:

7.) R108 - Khun Yuam to Mae Hong Song
Wider road with longer curves for a little speedier ride. Unbeatable fun.
This road is included in our following tours:
Self Guided:

8.) R4001 - from Mae Hong Son to the Chinese Village of Ban Rak Thai.
Passing some Shan villages then many winding roads, some hairpins, great scenery. About 38 km per way.
This road is included in our following tours:
Self Guided:
9.) R1096/1269 - Samoeng Loep
Just a few km away from our Service Center and perfect for a day trip from Chiang Mai. There are other smaller remote roads which we use. This road is included in our following tour:
Self Guided:

10.) R1256 - Bo Kluea to Doi Phu Kha Pua
Great scenery, quite steep but good tarmac road. This road is included in our following tours:
Self Guided:

4 Days Customized Tour

Great ride and fun with our friends from Indonesia. Samoeng Loop, Doi Ang Khan, road of 1864 curves, Pai, Mae Hong Son and back to Chiang Mai. Thailand: A Moto-Wonderland.

May 2017

Gooood Mooorning Vietnam!!!

Scouting new parts of South East Asia. We crossed the border with our bikes from Laos into northern Vietnam. Stunning and beautiful scenery, smiling people wherever you turn. Great new tour coming up!

April 2017

13 Days Customized Tour “Thailand and Laos”

LAOS here we come... Great guys from South Africa, Australia, Switzerland and the US making their way from Thailand to Laos. Watch out for the LOS CONOS....

March 2017

6 Days Customized Thailand

They did it again Part 2: This time Richard and Simon rode from Mae Hong Son to Pai, the Golden Triangle, Phu Chi Fah, Chiang Rai back to Chiang Mai via Samoeng. Thailand: A Moto-Wonderland.

February 2017

8 Days Motorcycle Tour “Sights of Cambodia”

With second big group of adventurous riders from Turkey we are riding Cambodia once again. This time the itinerary a bit tweaked, along the coast to Sihanouk, further to Phnom Penh and finally the temples of Angkor prior to returning to Thailand. Live to ride!

February 2017

Five Days Customized Tour

Touring with friends from Norway. Enjoying the Mae Hong Son Loop, mountains of Mae Sariang and Doi Tung and relaxing in Chiang Rai. Making life a ride!

January 2017

Monk ceremony @ Bike Tour Asia.

Paying respect and wishing for safe riding and good fortune.

January 2017

Four Days Customized Tour

Touring with friends from Germany. Impressions of a special tailored Loop "Chiang Mai - Mae Chaem - Mae Hong Son - Wat Chan - Chiang Mai. A great route with not much traffic during top peak season.

January 2017

Three Days Tour “Famous Mae Hong Son Loop”

With friends from India and USA on our exclusive 3 Days Mae Hong Son Loop. We enjoyed perfect road conditions and great sunny weather. 'Winter' in Northern Thailand, motorcycle riding doesn’t get much better than this!

December 2016

Eight Days Motorcycle Tour “Sights of Cambodia”

With a big group of adventurous riders from Turkey we left Pattaya behind us and crossed the border into Cambodia were we spent the next five days exploring the temples of Angkor, Phnom Penh and Kho Khong before returning back to Pattaya.

December 2016

Ten Days Motorcycle Tour “Amazing Land of Lanna”

With guests from Australia and Korea we took of on this beautiful ride around the Lanna Kingdom- the "Kingdom of a Million Rice Fields". Nature this time of the year is green and beautiful. Roads are in good condition, temperature 12-29 C. Life is a ride.

December 2016

Three Days Tour "Famous Mae Hong Son Loop"

Greg and Peter from Australia just made a successful 3 days guided tour. The ride went to the beautiful areas of Doi Inthanon, Thaton and Chiang Rai on our BMW GS 800’s. Amazing guys on their first ride in Thailand.

November 2016

Scouting Cambodia

We managed to pick one of the biggest family holidays of the year, "ancestors day" when most people go home to worship their passed relatives. Admiring the friendliness of the people with all their smiles and hospitality, making the visit well worth. As always, culturally Angkor Wat temple complex is THE highlight.

October 2016

Scouting north Thailand along the Laos border

Making sure that places we are using on our tours are up to date. Found some great new hotels, resorts, restaurants, coffee stops and scenic places. We are ready for the upcoming riding season. Let us show you our treasures in the region, come and join us on one of our tours!’

September 2016

China and Tibet (Shangri-La) via Laos

After 5,000 km riding roads in Tibet, China, Laos and Thailand we are all safe back in Chiang Mai full of memories. Highest riding was 4,361 meter; temperature has varied from 41 to 0 Celsius. What a fantastic motorcycle ride and experience. Come and join us next time!

April 2016

Four Days Tour in the famous Kanchanaburi area

Riding in the Kanchanaburi area / Thailand, along the Myanmar border together with guests from Malaysia and Norway. We have been following the path of the "death railway" along the River Kwai towards the Myanmar border at the 3 Pagodas and Si Sawat. Beautiful riding hot riding days......

April 2016

Ten hilarious riding days in Northern Thailand

Already our Welcome Dinner with Horst, Matthe, Harry and our guide Richie in our "base hotel", the unique Marndadee Heritage Village was exhilarating. And all loved the resort. (

In deed, the group was very homogeneous. All had more or less the same motorcycle experience, speed preference and shared similar interests. We rode the famous 1864 curves of the Mae Hong Son Loop, visited the Golden Triangle, Phu Chi Fah, Nan and so much more. The most excitement emerged when riding the Nan / Bo Kluea area. Happy to see guests with similes on their faces. See you soon guys!

March 2016

Four Days Tour in The Famous Kanchanaburi Area

Riding in the Kanchanaburi area north east of Bangkok / Thailand, along the Myanmar border together with Richard and Simon. We have been following the path of the "death railway" along the River Kwai towards the Myanmar border at the 3 Pagoda pass enjoying the scenery at the Srinakarin lake and the return ride back to Kanchanaburi.

February 2016

North Thailand and Laos with Adriatic Moto Tours

After 11 days on the road, 3'000 km behind us, riding through north Thailand and Laos we have safely ended our ride in Khao Yai. Great days, good memories, lot of fun with a lovely group from Slovenia. Thank you all!

January 2016

Eight Days Tour in North and Central-East (Isan), Unseen Thailand

Eight Days Motorcycle Tour in North and Central-East (Isan), Unseen Thailand with Bill from Canada. The tour takes us from Khao Yai north of Bangkok to the mountains of Khao Kho then Chiang Khan and along the Mekong river to Nong Khai further to Khon Kean, Phimai and back to Khao Yai.

Great days, perfect weather, even cold for being in Thailand, well below 20 many mornings.... Merry X-mas and happy new year to all of you. Hope to see you on a guided motorcycle tour with us in 2016.

December 2015

Scouting South West Isan region / Thailand

Out enjoying a beautiful scouting ride on a BMW F800GS and Harley Davidson Road King to Pimai and the country side of south west Isan region including Khao Yai. Weather is perfect, well below 30 during the days and almost “chilly” during the evenings. Come and join us for a ride!

December 2015

10 Days Tour North Thailand: "The Great Northern Loop"

Together with friends from Germany, Olaf and Amporn we just finished a great ride in north Thailand. Fantastic scenery, good weather and road conditions. As good as it gets. Totally we covered almost 2’000 km during 8 riding days.

November 2015

Motorcycle Tour in North Thailand and Laos

Scouting ride in Laos with Markus. We crossed the border from Nan province in Thailand. Spent one night in Pakbeng, two nights in Luang Prabang, further to Vang Vieng and the capital Vientiane. Last part of the trip we explored the back roads of Isan in Thailand. Roads are ok, scenery is fantastic! A great biker adventure!

October 2015

Scouting Yunnan and Tibet

So it happened, together with Kay from Big Bike Tours in Chiang Mai we took of for a scouting ride to Yunnan province in China including parts of Tibet and Shangri-La. What a beautiful hard core adventure and ride. I took off from Bike Tour Asia’s service center in Khao Yai, met up with Kay in Chiang Mai. Our journey took us through Laos, we crossed into China at Boten were our guide Jack waited for us. We had 10 unforgettable days in China, highlights was the riding through the country side were times is standing still with its endless rice and tobacco plantations. Through mountain ranges in the Himalayas, along the Tiger Leaping gorge. We visited Old Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-La, Shaxi a charming town along the ancient tea route and so much more. It was an amazing ride, 5’000 km, an experience and memory for a life time. We decided to launch this tour into our itinerary’s as a joint operation between our companies. It will be an 19 days guided motorcycle tour, start and end in Chiang Mai. Test ride will be organized in second half of April 2016.

July 2015

Eight Days Tour in North and Central-East (Isan) Thailand

Mixed bunch of friends from north and south America, Europe and Thailand we set of towards north Thailand. Luzi joined us at the airport of Phetchabun. Great days and good riding with plenty of time to enjoy local culture, food and attractions along the way. Experienced the rocket festival by the Ubolratana dam, memory for a life time. Cezar got the opportunity to wrestle with a snake at the king cobra farm.

June 2015

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