A rainy cold Friday morning in September I met my 10 class mates in a hotel in Munich. It was the first day of the BMW International Tour Guide Academy.
After a brief introduction and signing waivers that we ride on our own risk we picked up our motorcycles at BMW Munich off we went (my choice was a R1200RS).

We were heading towards Austria on the autobahn in pouring rain. I was not really used to the typical cold and grey European autumn weather after living in Asia for so many years but who cared ? I was on a mission. And I couldn’t wait to start.

During the entire week we stayed at a lovely resort up in the mountains in Austria. I felt like being back at school but the challenge felt really positive. I was thrilled. Nothing feels better than following your passion and even make your living out of it.

I had no idea what to expect but I heard many stories that this course will not be a “picnic”. How true! The week was going to be one of the most intense week I could imagine. The program was well structured but tough. A full week of practicing leading groups, theory lessons, practical first aid and mechanical exercises.

Even with my experience of organising and guiding many groups over the past decades, I have learned so many new things and it is priceless to share the experiences and stories with the like minded participants from diverse motorcycle touring companies all over the World.

One week of learning, sweating with little sleep is over and after I finally passed the exams I received my certificte. With this certificate Bike Tour Asia is now also an official Partner of the “BMW Motorrad” community.
By following the BMW Motorrad touring concept and all the experiences we will make our customer offer even better.

Daniel Senicar

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