Daniel’s Review: The Road to Umphang

One of my favorite rides in Thailand is the road from Mae Sot to Umphang. The road with its 1,219 curves snakes its way over the mountains along the Thai – Myanmar border for some 180 km…

Rider Review: 4-day Self Guided Motorcycle Tour from Chiang Mai

I was happy to travel alone, but as I had only 4 days free I preferred to have a basic route and accommodation pre-planned to avoid wasting time on boring roads and trying to find suitable lodgings at the end of each day. The resources and experience that BTA have built up allowed me to tailor my trip around all of these things.

Scouting The Roads Less Traveled Along The Myanmar Border

Finally, Thailand is opening up, at least for domestic traveling. I had been sitting at home planning and dreaming of the next motorcycle ride long enough. The idea was to scout “hidden gems” along the Thai – Myanmar border. Not that long ago this area was inaccessible for two reasons – lack of roads and opium growing, meaning is was an outright dangerous place to visit.