So it happened, together with Kay from Big Bike Tours in Chiang Mai we took off for a scouting ride to Yunnan province in China including parts of Tibet and Shangri-La. What a beautiful hardcore adventure and ride.

Our journey took us through Laos, we crossed into China at Boten were our guide Jack waited for us. We had 10 unforgettable days in China, highlights were the riding through the countryside were times is standing still with its endless rice and tobacco plantations. Through mountain ranges in the Himalayas, along the Tiger Leaping gorge. We visited Old Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-La, Shaxi a charming town along the ancient tea route and so much more. It was an amazing ride, 5,000 km, experience and memory for a lifetime. We decided to launch this tour into our itinerary. It will be 23 days guided motorcycle tour, start and end in Chiang Mai.

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