1.) R1093 – Phu Chi Fah to Phu Saeng Waterfall

You will share the road probably with only a handful of other vehicles. This is a ride along the border to Laos in a fantastic terrain, through forests and stunning scenery!

2.) R1081 (from 1169) – from Nan to Bo Kluea

Little traffic, great winding roads, beautiful scenery. One of the top overall roads in Thailand.

3.) R1026 – towards the Sirikit Lake

As closer you get to the Sirikit Lake as better it gets. It is a remote area to the Lam Nam Na N.P. – almost no traffic at all and a great “wild” landscape. When the road meets Nan River you need to take a pontoon (a small ferry) to get to the other side of the river. Adventure!

4.) R1148 – Phu Lanka to Wang Pha

The brilliant sweeping road for a little faster ride. 70 km of pure pleasure.

5.) R1095 – the “Famous Road of 1,864 corners”

The ride from Mae Hong Son to Pai and onwards to Mae Malai is a “must-do” which is included in most of our multiple-day itineraries. Many twists, bends, corners, curves – you name it. Good tarmac roads for almost the entire stretch of approx. 150 km of corners.

6.) R1340 – Arunothai – Doi Angkhang

Fabulous scenery and rock formations, “dramatic” landscape. Wonderful.

7.) R108 – Khun Yuam to Mae Hong Song

Wider road with longer curves for a little speedier ride. Unbeatable fun.

8.) R4001 – from Mae Hong Son to the Chinese Village of Ban Rak Thai

Passing some Shan villages then many winding roads, some hairpins, great scenery. About 38 km per way.

9.) R1096/1269 – Samoeng Loop  

Just a few km away from our Service Centre and perfect for a day trip from Chiang Mai. There are other smaller remote roads which we use.

10.) R1256 – Bo Kluea to Doi Phu Kha Pua a

Great scenery, quite steep but good tarmac road.

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