What a fantastic ride!

We were a group of 6 motorcycles, riding through parts of northern Thailand, Laos and finally Vietnam. The roads were a mix of mostly rural two lanes with a variety of surfaces al paved. This time of the year is spectacular, it’s just after the end of the green season, nature has beautiful colours, rice is being harvested, meaning most farmers are out on their rice fields with their buffalos. We started riding in the eastern direction towards Chiang Rai and Chiang Khong where we meet the Mekong River for the first time. Crossing the border into Laos and rode towards Oudom Xai. Already during our third day of riding, we cross into Vietnam and visit the battleground at Dien Bien Phu.

Heading north towards the Chinese border and the Phan Xia Pang, 3143 meters, Vietnam’s and South East Asia highest mountain. Rest day in the pleasant and picturesque resort town of Sapa before continuing to the rice terraces at Nghia Lo. Boat ride along with the Limestone caves at Ninh Binh. Enjoying riding on the Ho Chi Minh Trail to Phu Mat. Once back in Laos we visit the Plain of Jars and continue to Luang Prabang, UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Crossing the mountains on yet another road less travelled to Pakbeng before returning to Thailand. Riding fewer known mountains surrounding the province of Nan, which for centuries remained autonomous and cut off from the outside world. In every region during the tour, we feasted on local Thai/Lao/Vietnamese cuisine.

Truly 3 Countries and 1 Million Impressions!

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