Why choose Bike Tour Asia?

We are one of the leading motorcycle tour operators in Thailand and Official Partner of BMW Motorrad. We are also a TAT licensed tour operator. The quality of our tours in South-East Asia is among the highest in the industry. 

What is Bike Tour Asia’s commitment to service?

At Bike Tour Asia, providing great international quality service is without question. But it is service that exceeds our guest’s expectations that we strive for and we train the team on a constant basis to achieve exemplary performance based on our high-quality standards and guests feedback.

What is a Guided Tour?

A Guided Tour is well organized to every detail and has a scheduled departure date. The group will have our Tour Leader, on a motorcycle, safely leading through the route and a support car with a licensed Tour Guide during the entire Tour.

What is a Private Group Tour?

On a guided Private Group Tour, all details are the same as Guided Tours but cater for a closed group of friends with departure dates at their choice. If you still haven’t exactly found what you are looking for in our listed tours, create your tour with our assistance. Together with you, we customise a […]

What is a Self Guided Tour?

Our Self Guided Tours offer the same quality and style of our Guided Tours. The only difference is that you are the tour leader! It is designed for you to ride alone or with friends or your partner on your desired date, with a carefully planned route which is pre-programmed on the GPS. If you […]

What is included in the tour price?

In Guided Tours and Private Group Tours, almost everything is included in the tour price. This includes the rental of our motorcycle, accommodations, all meals, cost of fuel, entrance fees etc.. A Self Guided Tour includes the rental of our motorcycle, a GPS pre-programmed complete route inclusive fuel stops, lunch places, places of interest etc. […]

How is the weather in Thailand? What kind of clothes should I bring?

Depends on what time of the year you are in, the temperature can drop to around 10°C (50°F) during the cold season night, or can go as high as 40°C (104°F) during the summer day. Below is the average temperatures and chance of rain for Northern Thailand and its neighboring countries. Northern Thailand, Laos, Myanmar […]

Can I bring my partner or a family member with me?

Our BMW GS motorcycles are made for and equipped for your partner to be very comfortable as a pillion. On Guided Tours, our support vehicle can accompany a few passengers throughout the tour (upon prior request).

Do I have to bring my own riding gears?

We can provide you a helmet and riding jacket with a surcharge of USD 10.- per day for each item. We suggest you bring your own riding gears for the tour since they suit you better.

Can I book additional activates in connection with the tours?

Thailand, in general, has many additional nice activities to offer. Examples are golf, trekking, rafting, wine tasting, horse riding, spa’s, excursion to National Parks, beach holidays, etc. We are happy to support you with additional activities in connection with your motorcycle tour through our inbound tour partners, we do not offer this service ourselves.