1.) Clear and fresh
Most of the rain falls in the late afternoon and during the night time and the mornings are often clear. The fresh air is nice and makes riding even more pleasant.

2.) Nice temperature
The temperature during the day is ideal – it is not too hot when the sun is out and it is not too cold either. Short refreshing rain showers from time to time make the weather much more comfortable.

3.) The Road is yours
Even we prefer less travelled roads – in the green season the roads are literally yours and makes riding more joyful.

4.) Hassle free visits
It is not crowded. For restaurants and cafés you do not have to book a table in advance. Enjoy the quieter atmosphere. Most of the temples or other sights will be rather empty at this time of year.

5.) Green “Mother Nature”
The nature will completely change. The combination of sun and rain is perfect for wild flowers and other varieties of flora to grow. You will see green idyllic rice paddies, wonderful blooming plants and flowering trees everywhere.

6.) Great pictures
The green season often offers sharper views, fantastic cloud formations and spectacular sunsets with saturated colors. Great conditions to take brilliant pictures.

7.) Meet the locals
While people throughout Thailand are very friendly, we find that they are even friendlier during the green season! If the local Thai people are smiling, then you should smile too!

8.) Spectacular waterfalls and rivers
Don’t miss to visit the waterfalls and rivers at this time of the year. They are fuller and much more impressive!

9.) A great reason for a second visit!
Most first time visitors travel to Asia during the high season. But it will offer a different look and feel during the green season. It’s the perfect time to return and explore new areas…

10.) Good Deals
Many of the luxurious resorts offer great deals, so it’s a good chance to pamper yourself in one of our selected hotels.

So, come on over from the busy nearby metropolises and #MakeLifeaRide for a few days.

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